Video: first street with sustainable water houses in the Nassauhaven

9 July 2020
On July 8th, six new water houses were moved to the Nassauhaven. In April, the first six houses were…
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Online meeting NEEMO/LIFE

18 May 2020
On the 15th of May the progress of Life Urban Adapt was online presented…
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Six floating water houses in the Nassauhaven

15 April 2020
On April 15th, six water houses were placed in the Nassauhaven. The water houses move with the…
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Sharing Knowledge: World Bank study tour in Rotterdam

10 October 2019
As part of the World Bank’s Study Tour on Nature-based Solutions, a delegation of a mixed group of nationalities visited…
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NEEMO visits Rotterdam

9 May 2019
On the 9th of May the organization of LIFE (NEEMO) visited Rotterdam again to investigate…
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KNOWLEDGE SHARING: EU deems adaptation strategy essential

10 November 2018
Europe acknowledges that adapting to the effects of climate change is now more urgent than predicted.  This is one of…
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TIDAL PARKS: The Eel is back!

11 August 2018
Nature with special plants and animals that live in and around the Nieuwe Maas river illustrate the significance of the…
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18 January 2018
Many participants at the EUGIC 2017 conference in Budapest visited the LIFE stand. They were very interested in the LIFE…
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KNOWLEDGE SHARING: Rotterdam cooperates Czech Republic municipalities

30 November 2017
The Czech Republic towns and municipalities organisation (MEPCO) recently requested information about the LIFE Urban Adapt project with the aim…
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KNOWLEDGE SHARING: Climate adaptation cities in Barcelona

21 June 2017
This year the LIFE platform meeting on climate adaptation in urban areas was organised in Barcelona. During the two-day…
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KNOWLEDGE SHARING: Antwerp visits Rotterdam

20 June 2017
The delegation visited a large number of Rotterdam’s climate adaptation projects, focusing on their social component. Flooding can only be…
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