01 September 2017

ZOHO: Start construction rain garden

Due to climate change it is raining more often and harder. This causes unnecessary nuisance in many neighborhoods because the sewers often overflow and therefore requires creative, new solutions that put less pressure on the sewer system. A common solution is to separate the waste and rainwater system, but that probably does not solve the problems. In ZOHO people therefore go one step further; a rain garden is being constructed that can collect excess water from roofs and the street in a WADI and smart rain barrels. That water can then be smartly discharged at times when the sewer system is less polluted, or used to maintain the greenery in the neighborhood, for example when it is very dry and there is actually a water shortage. The rain garden is part of it LIFE URBAN ADAPT project and the area approach for the Agniesebuurt. More information about the rain garden can also be found in the September edition of the Stadskrant Noord.